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The DAY CARE at Kids Universal is a home away from home. The Day care is mainly for children between 1 year and 6 years of age. Although we are here to care for the child, tuitions will not be provided. On the other hand children will be assisted with completing their school work...  
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Our Philosophy
The Glowing Years ( 2-6 years ) :
Kids Universal's Children
Children’s early learning experiences have a profound effect on their development. These early interactions directly affect the way connections  are made in the brain. Early experiences are crucial to the future well being of children, and establish the foundation for the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will affect later learning and behaviour.

Positive early experiences with schooling are paramount importance to your children. Children thrive in an environment that meets their physical and developmental needs and that provide respectful and nurturing environment.


KIDS UNIVERSAL aims to provide the best pre-school years for your child by giving each and every child opportunities to experiment with a variety of materials and choices. We encourage creativity, individuality, self awareness, curiosity, appreciation & respect for the world we live in.


The formula that works here is  :

Kids Universal = Play + Explore = Learn


" Every child is unique and special " - KIDS UNIVERSAL recognises these different qualities and works towards catering to the Multiple Intelligences and different learning styles of each child. This Individuality in each child is nurtured by encouraging them to explore the world around them at their own pace and also by expressing themselves freely.
In today’s world, perhaps the greatest gift we can give to our children is the gift of communication. It is this ability to communicate that allows each child to connect and relate to the world at large.
"The Multiple Intelligences Theory is a scientifically supported system of classifying human abilities , and suggestions about how to encourage learning in ways that respect the individual interests and strengths of children.This theory, in early childhood classes usually offers a greater variety of materials that help ease children into materials which they may find threatening."  - Howard Gardner
"Howard Gardener's Theory Of Multiple Intelligence " , states that the different ' learning centres ' challenge children to examine, explore, investigate and internalize. Centres are an integral part of our classroom program. Working in centres allows each child to work at their own rate, explore their interests, and reinforce important learning skills and strategies.
  Curriculum Goals
  Our curriculum is planned to capture the interest of children towards developmentally appropriate activities.
Our Kindergarten curriculum is designed and developed to meet the following parameters :

Presents children with many opportunities to develop self awareness and success through independence and decision making.

Allows children to develop social skills through large group, small group, individual activities and experiences.
Expressive learning including art, role play, music, drama and stories.

Challenges children to examine, explore, investigate and internalize.

Provides for language development including Pre-Reading fundamentals, sequencing, classification, vocabulary enrichment, listening skills and composition skills.

Presents means for sensory exploration, discovery, inquiry and investigation.

Provides many opportunities for mathematical development including symbols, quantities, spatial awareness, comparison etc.

Includes examples for health, safety, and nutritional education.

In addition to dance and movement activities, indoor and outdoor play to develop both gross and fine motor skills.

  Learning centres

Each child is a ' Celebration Of Learning ' .
Theme based activities are planned in a way that every child is presented with the many opportunities and choices of success.

     The Linguistic Centre :

Books are life long friends. The ' Story Tent ' has a cosy and comfortable atmosphere designed to provide an environment conducive to enjoying a variety of colourful books, puppets, costumes and dress-up clothes for dramatic play. The story tent also provides opportunities for language development, expressive learning, role play, music and stories.


In the Story Tent children practice early reading skills and develop concepts of print. The children may make up stories,  try to read our  big books , charts, or any book from our collection for the Kindergarteners.

     Dramatic play :

When the children pretend and play dress-up, they foster their language and social skills. Throughout the year, the dramatic play area changes from a kitchen, to a store, post office, Doctor's Clinic, bank and restaurant.

     Puppet Theatre :

When the children use the puppet theatre, they develop their oral language skills and creativity. They may use the puppets to make up their own story or retell a story that they have already heard in class.

     The Reading Scheme:
  The most beautiful moments that a parent can spend with a child are the BEDTIME STORY TIME. In today’s hectic and electronic gadget filled life ....the simple joys of reading a story to your child is becoming a thing of the past. Our endeavour is to ensure that we instil a love for books and spread the joy of reading a book . Parents are encouraged to share the books sent home under the reading scheme with the child and enjoy every bit if it.

After all books are our life long friends.

     The Science Centre :

This area encourages children to explore and discover, on their own in a safe environment. Simple science experiments like things that float, sink, balance, along with math multiplications, logos, building blocks and teacher-made activities related to math and science concepts are the core learning structure of this area.


In the science centre, children observe, experiment, predict and discover new things. The same things that real scientists do. This year, the children will experiment with magnets, sinking and floating, pretend to be a palaeontologist and explore telescopes and magnifying glasses and maybe even make a kaleidoscope.

     The Math Centre :

The Math Centre helps children develop their problem solving skills and provides hands on experience in counting, comparing, patterning, measuring, addition and subtraction. The children use a wide variety of manipulative, building blocks, pattern blocks, Unifix cubes, links, balance scales and non-standard units of measuring.

     The Interpersonal centre :

The Interpersonal centre is designed to encourage a child to work and play in a group. Simple games, group activities, circle time, show and tell etc, help the child to establish warm, stable relationships with other children and adults.

     The Intrapersonal Centre :

This centre is a ' Quiet Corner ' where the child can work alone in a less distracting environment. Puzzles and blocks, music and flash cards are a part of this area.

     The Spatial Centre :

Is where the creativity of the child is explored. A wide variety of colours, paints, textures and materials. The Art Centre gives children an opportunity to develop their creativity and express themselves. They also develop small muscles and fine motor skills. The children explore a wide variety of art media, including paint and working with different textures.

     The Bodily / Kinaesthetic centre :

Has a variety of equipment to make children use those large motor skills and develop confidence in themselves, helping build happy, confident and independent children , which is our aim. The ability to use the body or parts of the body to solve problems, as in playing ball games, dancing, or making things with hands are nurtured by providing opportunities for physical challenges throughout the day- not just the outdoors.

     The Naturalist centre :

Encouraging children to work with nature and observe the world around them along with learning to take care of all creatures, being aware of the effects of global warming and nurturing eco-friendly habits, growing plants etc, is all a part of our curriculum.


By playing games and observations in which children learn to recognise distinction among members of a plant or animal group ; explore the outdoors regularly  and  by bringing the outdoors in with props and visuals related to the natural world helps understanding the world.

     Computer :

When the children use one of our classroom computers, they are able to work at their own pace and practice their computer skills. We also use the Internet to find out information or play learning games.


Viewing the learning areas through the framework of MI (Multiple Intelligence) theory,
teachers and care-givers are better equipped to identify a child's strengths and present a variety of experience
which are translated into greater learning outcomes.

  We Value your Suggestion
  Mr. Vinay (Father)
  The teachers are really very caring and patient. The ambience is really very attractive for the kids.  
  Mr. GN SRIDHAR (Shreyas' Grandfather)
  Kids Universal is a great place for a child as here they get used to mingling and help them to grow around a friendly atmosphere. Playing is stressed upon a lot in this school. The teachers and management are very friendly towards the children thereby making them feel at home. I am highly impressed and wish the best for the future.  
  Mr. Anand (Bhanvan's Father)
  It's a very impressive setup. A lot of diverse materials used in a limited space enhance the fun for the kids and at the same time educate them as well.  
  Mr. Ismail Shah (Areeb's Father) FATHER'S DAY
  A very novel idea and a brilliant concept. You made me feel really at home and I'm sure there is more to come, its special because you made me feel proud to be a father and thank you , Kids Universal for making this day a very special one for me.  
  Mrs. Nagaveni (Tanishqka's Mother)
  It was really good to see my daughter, Tanishqka singing rhymes for her dad. It is thoughtful of you to enhance her love for the family. I am feeling happy to have admitted my daughter in your school. It's great and thanks a lot.  
  Mr. Prasad (Nikitha's father)
  I really found this place very cool and fun loving place for my kid and parents too. Please keep up the great fun activities.  
  Mr. Ismail Shah (Areeb's father)
  I am glad and happy that my child's school is so innovative and encouraging in my son's first step into schooling.  
  Mrs. Toni (Alyssa's Mother)
  Alyssa is very happy in school. She has made better progress that we expected. We are very satisfied with how things are going. She is learning while having fun. Next year, we will be moving and not sure if we can keep her here. However, Kids Universal is definitely our first choice if at all possible. You're all doing a great job, Thank you very much.  
  Mr. & Mrs. Ravi (Trisha's Parents)
  We are very delighted to see our Trisha's development day by day. The atmosphere, Teaching, Activities & Efforts of the teachers. All the teachers are remarkable. We wish all of them the best of luck and success in their future plans.  
  (Sahitya's Grandparents)
  Memorable day, running out of words. All that we wanted to record, is being recorded by you. Thank you so much. Blessings from all of us to all of you. Looking forward to being associated this way for many such events.  
  Mr. Dilbagh Singh (Areeb's Grandfather)
  Your school is doing extremely good. You have made Kids Universal a truly remarkable institution and we are always happy to visit your school. It's very beautifully managed and decorated. We wish and pray that Kids Universal will grow and flourish to greater heights. All the best.  
  Mr. & Mrs. Ahmed (Armaan's Grandparents)
  Dear staff, It is a pleasure to be with you all at the Grandparent's Day. We are very happy at the innovative way it was arranged. We are highly impressed by the encouragement given to all the kids nurturing their activeness and hidden talents. We wish you all the success in your Endeavour. May God bless you.  
  Andrea Minas (Keira Grandmother)
  Dear Madam & Staff, A real pleasure to come by and be part of all the good work. We appreciate all the hard work and patience Kids Universal has put in. We wish you all the best of luck. Our Keira loves to go to school and is very happy and pleased to be at Kids Universal. Thank You !!  
  Mr. Richard & Mrs. Janet (Trisha's Grandparents)
  Dear Madam & Staff, We appreciate this gesture of organizing the Grandparent's Day and are deeply touched by the effort you have taken to make us feel special. Best wishes to Kids Universal. Thank you !!  
  Dr. Rev. Hracugichuna (Alyssa'a Grandparents)
  We are delighted to see the school our Grandchild is a part of and her performance. We are happy with the way the children are taught various activities and skills of their minds. Thanks for this privilege of watching children in their school. It makes us very happy.  
  Mr. Rakesh (Tanya's Father)
  We are pleased to inform you that my kid's performance has improved a lot and she is in good hands of good mentors and guardians of this school and management. She is overcoming her fears and building her confidence. She also has tremendously improved her phonetic skills and enjoys all the fun activities that Kids Universal has helped her participate in. Kids Universal is a strong platform for my daughter in her early days of learning. Thanks to all the staff and management for shaping my child's future.  
  Mr. Paul Minas (Keira's Father)
  Kids Universal had been doing a great job in developing my child for her future. I wish that this type of of foundation can continue into the senior years. We will miss Kids Universal. We are very happy with the improvements that Kiera has made in all fields of her intellectual development. Kids Universal Rocks !!!  
  Mrs. Jyoti (Haniel's Mother)
  Thanks to Kids Universal, Haniel has improved and learnt a lot. It's a good beginning for his life and growth. I appreciate the effort given to our child. Thank you so much.  
  Mr. Johny Daniel & Mrs. Gracia (Reuben's Parents)
  Thank you for the love and care you have extended towards Reuben. He has learnt a lot after coming to Kids Universal. The time spent with him is priceless and we hope you continue the good work. Thanks to all the wonderful teachers and staff for providing our child with such a great platform for his future endeavors. Thank you.  
  Our Care Givers and Faculty

Kindergarten teachers perform a complex and multidimensional. They are responsible for implementing a programme that is thoughtfully planned, challenging, engaging, integrated, developmentally appropriate, and culturally and linguistic responsive, and that promotes positive outcomes in all children.

Our Care givers and Teachers are trained individuals with a natural love of children and a desire to understand and work with their parents. They are dedicated, caring and creative. Teachers who are sensitive to the needs of children and are committed to Kindergarten beyond the job specification are employed. They periodically undergo orientations and training programmes for improving the quality of teaching. Most of all a person who can make children laugh . It is full of warmth, with plenty of energy and enthusiasm is what a KIDS UNIVERSAL TEACHER is all about.

Parents + Teachers (working together) = Winning / Successful team of young children.

Children perform better in school if their parents are involved in their education. Parents can do many things to support and be involved in their child’s learning- For example, they can provide encouragement and express interest in their child’s activities at school. Knowledge of their child’ and awareness of the teacher’s observations will also help to interpret the assessment of their child’s learning and to work with the teacher to improve and facilitate their child’s progress.

  There is overwhelming evidence that parent and family involvement builds up self-esteem and confidence in children. In keeping with this view, we encourage parents to be a part of our activities by selecting “Parent Representatives” and organising “Fun Days " with children. Parental skill, expertise and contributions are always welcome. Involving parents with their children is the best approach for improving the quality of early childhood education and the result is ...... A Winning Team of Children.
We all smile in the same Language