learning Center

Each child is a ' Celebration Of Learning '. Theme based activities are planned in a way that every child is presented with the many opportunities and choices of success.

learning Center

Books are life long friends. The ' Story Tent ' has a cosy and comfortable atmosphere designed to provide

Dramatic play

When the children pretend and play dress-up, they foster their language and social skills.

Puppet Theatre

When the children use the puppet theatre, they develop their oral language skills and creativity.

The Reading Scheme

The most beautiful moments that a parent can spend with a child are the BEDTIME STORY TIME.

The Science Centre

This area encourages children to explore and discover, on their own in a safe environment.

The Math Centre

The Math Centre helps children develop their problem solving skills and provides hands on experience in counting, comparing.

The Interpersonal centre

The Interpersonal centre is designed to encourage a child to work and play in a group.

The Intrapersonal Centre

This centre is a ' Quiet Corner ' where the child can work alone in a less distracting environment.

The Spatial Centre

Is where the creativity of the child is explored. A wide variety of colours, paints, textures and materials.

The Bodily / Kinaesthetic centre

Has a variety of equipment to make children use those large motor skills and develop confidence in themselves, helping build happy,

The Naturalist centre

Encouraging children to work with nature and observe the world around them along with learning to take care of all creatures.


When the children use one of our classroom computers, they are able to work at their own pace and practice their computer skills.

Care Givers & Faculty

teacher image

Kindergarten teachers perform a complex and multidimensional. They are responsible for implementing a programme that is thoughtfully planned, challenging, engaging, integrated, developmentally appropriate, and culturally and linguistic responsive, and that promotes positive outcomes in all children.

Our Care givers and Teachers are trained individuals with a natural love of children and a desire to understand and work with their parents. They are dedicated, caring and creative. Teachers who are sensitive to the needs of children and are committed to Kindergarten beyond the job specification are employed. They periodically undergo orientations and training programmes for improving the quality of teaching. Most of all a person who can make children laugh . It is full of warmth, with plenty of energy and enthusiasm is what a KIDS UNIVERSAL TEACHER is all about.

Parents + Teachers (working together) = Winning / Successful team of young children.

Children perform better in school if their parents are involved in their education. Parents can do many things to support and be involved in their child’s learning- For example, they can provide encouragement and express interest in their child’s activities at school. Knowledge of their child’ and awareness of the teacher’s observations will also help to interpret the assessment of their child’s learning and to work with the teacher to improve and facilitate their child’s progress.

There is overwhelming evidence that parent and family involvement builds up self-esteem and confidence in children. In keeping with this view, we encourage parents to be a part of our activities by selecting “Parent Representatives” and organising “Fun Days " with children. Parental skill, expertise and contributions are always welcome. Involving parents with their children is the best approach for improving the quality of early childhood education and the result is.... A Winning Team of Children.

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