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The DAY CARE at Kids Universal is a home away from home. The Day care is mainly for children between 1 year and 6 years of age. Although we are here to care for the child, tuitions will not be provided. On the other hand children will be assisted with completing their school work...  
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About Us
KIDS UNIVERSAL is a kindergarten committed to making a difference in the world of Early Childhood Education. By providing Premium International Quality Preschool Education, we have created a curriculum that instills an appetite for life- long learning. The experience of the child in the Kindergarten during the years when they are most open to the world around them, lays the foundation for healthy development and a sound education throughout the subsequent years.   Kids Universal's Children  

We believe that ' Learning is fun ', and we have developed an interesting, dynamic, interactive and a fun-filled curriculum. The learning process adopts a unique, well thought of, child-centered and activity-based approach. This holistic curriculum blends International practice with Indian diversity. The Learning outcomes span cognitive, emotional, social, physical, psychological and creative aspects of your child’s growth.


We at “KIDS UNIVERSAL ” know how important it is for children to enjoy the
freedom of childhood, yet not miss out on the
opportunities to lay the solid foundation that they will need
when formal learning begins.